YES, Steve Hackett and Vangelis nominated for Prog Awards 2017

YES, Steve Hackett and Vangelis nominated for Prog Awards 2017

Prog cover July 2017

YES feature on the cover of the current issue of Prog Magazine and have been nominated for Prog Awards for both Event of the Year and Reissue of the Year for Tales from Topographic Oceans.

Also nominated for Prog Awards are Steve Hackett for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year for The Night Siren and Vangelis for Reissue of the Year for his Delectus Box Set.

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Prog Magazine is out with a Synth issue, and no one could do the cover honours better than Vangelis! Read an exclusive interview with the Maestro where he open’s up about Aphrodite’s Child, Jon & Vangelis and much more. 



536-820-7-vangelis-delectus-3d-packshot-copyModern music visionary Vangelis has announced the release on 3rd February of a new 13-disc box set entitled “Delectus,” featuring a chosen selection of his early discographic work. The mammoth collection will include all of his albums on Vertigo and Polydor, recently signed by Universal and remastered for the first time ever under the legendary composer’s own supervision.

Presented in a lavish box with an essay and a plethora of rare photographs, the discs are housed in two die-cut, gatefold disc holders within a rigid 242mm square slipcase, and accompanied by a 64-page book illustrating a period of his prolific career of the iconic Maestro.

“I always welcome remastering my old work for two basic reasons” – explains Vangelis – “firstly, I get the opportunity to bring the sounds to today’s standards, secondly, it gives me the chance to go through the experiences and memories of the time.”

“Delectus” gathers together Vangelis’ seminal albums “Earth”, “L’Apocalypse Des Animaux”, “China”, “See You Later”, “Antarctica”, “Mask”, “Opera Sauvage”,“Chariots of Fire”, “Soil Festivities” and “Invisible Connections”, plus his collaborative recordings with Jon Anderson as ‘Jon & Vangelis’ – “Short Stories”, “The Friends of Mister Cairo” & “Private Collection”. The remastered originals will be complemented with rare B-sides and 4 previously unreleased tracks.

Vangelis is regarded a pioneer in the evolution of modern music. In his lustrous discographic career he has composed and performed numerous albums covering the most diverse assortment of genres. He is most popular for his movie scores including Antarctica, Blade Runner, Missing, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Alexander and the 1981 Academy Award-winning soundtrack for Chariots of Fire. ‘Titles’, the theme for ‘Chariots of Fire’, was later chosen as background to the 2012 Olympics winners’ medal presentation ceremonies.

Six years after turning down the opportunity to join Yes, Vangelis joined forces with Jon Anderson in 1981 and the duo released 3 albums under the Jon & Vangelis moniker to critical acclaim. “The Friends of Mr Cairo” included celebrated single “State of Independence”, which also reached chart success with its 1982 cover by Donna Summer and again in 1992 with a Moodswings version featuring Chrissie Hynde released as “Spiritual High (State of Independence) Pt. II”.

Vangelis’ pioneering work is recognised beyond record sales and music awards. In 1992, the Maestro was nominated Chevalier de L’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and in 2001 Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur from the President of French Republic.  He was the recipient of a Public Service Medal from NASA in 2003 and had a star named after him by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory for the international impact and appreciation of his work as well as his rapport with the Universe.  In 2008 Vangelis received the America Hellenic Institute “Hellenic Heritage Achievement Award” for his exceptional musical achievements and lifelong dedication to the promotion of Hellenism through the arts. The same year he also received an honorary doctorate at the University of Athens – Faculty of Primary Education and in 2009 he received the University of Patras Greece Honorary Doctor/Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Physics.

Albums and Track Listing:
EARTH: 00600753682081

1.            Come On
2.            We Are All Uprooted
3.            Sunny Earth
4.            He-O
5.            Ritual
6.            Let It Happen
7.            The City
8.            My Face In The Rain
9.            We Are All Uprooted
10.          A Song


1.            Apocalypse des animaux – Générique
2.            La petite fille de la mer
3.            Le singe bleu
4.            La mort du loup
5.            L’ours musicien
6.            Création du monde
7.            La mer recommence
CHINA: 00600753682104

1.            Chung Kuo
2.            The Long March
3.            The Dragon
4.            The Plum Blossom
5.            The Tao Of Love
6.            The Little Fete
7.            Yin & Yang
8.            Himalaya
9.            Summit

SEE YOU LATER: 00600753682128

1.            I Can’t Take It Anymore
2.            Multi-Track Suggestion
3.            Memories Of Green
4.            Not A Bit – All Of It
5.            Suffocation
6.            See You Later
7.            Neighbours Above
8.            My Love
9.            Domestic Logic 1

ANTARCTICA: 00600753682142

1.            Theme From Antarctica
2.            Antarctica Echoes
3.            Kinematic
4.            Song Of White
5.            Life Of Antarctica
6.            Memory Of Antarctica
7.            Other Side Of Antarctica
8.            Deliverance

MASK: 00600753682166

1.            Mask: Movement 1
2.            Mask: Movement 2
3.            Mask: Movement 3
4.            Mask: Movement 4
5.            Mask: Movement 5
6.            Mask: Movement 6

OPERA SAUVAGE: 00600753682111

1.            Hymne
2.            Rêve
3.            L’enfant
4.            Mouettes
5.            Chromatique
6.            Irlande
7.            Flamants roses

CHARIOTS OF FIRE: 00600753682135

1.            Titles
2.            Five Circles
3.            Abraham’s Theme
4.            Eric’s Theme
5.            100 Metres
6.            Jerusalem
7.            Chariots Of Fire

SOIL FESTIVITIES: 00600753682159

1.            Soil Festivities: Movement 1
2.            Soil Festivities: Movement 2
3.            Soil Festivities: Movement 3
4.            Soil Festivities: Movement 4
5.            Soil Festivities: Movement 5


1.            Invisible Connections
2.            Atom Blaster
3.            Thermo Vision 
SHORT STORIES: 00600753682180           

1.            Curious Electric
2.            Each And Every Day                                                       
3.            Bird Song
4.            I Hear You Now
5.            The Road
6.            Far Away In Baagad
7.            Love Is
8.            One More Time
9.            Thunder
10.          Play Within A Play

PRIVATE COLLECTION: 00600753682203

1.            Italian Song
2.            And When The Night Comes
3.            Deborah
4.            Polonaise
5.            He Is Sailing
6.            Horizon
7.            Song Is

THE FRIENDS OF MR. CAIRO: 00600753682197

1. I’ll Find My Way Home
2. State of Independence
3. Beside
4. The Mayflower
5. The Friends of Mr. Cairo
6. Back To School
7. Outside Of This (Inside of That)
8. One More Time
9. Thunder
10. Play Within A Play


There are 4 bonus tracks, the previously unreleased:

Neighbours Above – 2015 Remastered version – Bonus track for See You Later

The other bonus tracks are:

My Love – 2015 Remastered version – Bonus track for See You Later
Domestic Logic 1 – 2015 Remastered version – Bonus track for See You later
Song Is (Jon & Vangelis) – 2015 Remastered version – Bonus track for Private Collection

They were released on singles and have never appeared on CD before.

Both old and new fans who enjoyed Vangelis’s space-centered album “Rosetta” – won’t miss the opportunity to own some of the Maestro’s most groundbreaking work, remastered from the original first generation master tapes, all in an attractive and informative package. “Delectus” is out on 3rd February through all usual retailers.

You can pre-order the box set here:

Vangelis Website:




vangelisCherry Red Records and their imprint Esoteric Recordings are extremely proud to announce the release of newly re-mastered and sonically enhanced editions of the albums recorded for the RCA and ARISTA labels by the legendary composer and electronic music visionary VANGELIS.

All of these reissues come in deluxe digi-pack designs, with new masters personally supervised by VANGELIS. The albums “Heaven & Hell”, “Albedo 0.39”, “Spiral” and “Beaubourg” were all ground-breaking works created between 1975 and 1978 (released on the RCA label) which saw Vangelis explore expansive electronic, choral and ambient music on a breath-taking aural canvas. In the late 1980s, VANGELIS pushed boundaries still further with the album “Direct”, (released in 1987 by Arista Records), on which he devised a unique method of composing and recording, relying on spontaneity, with the compositional and recording process occurring simultaneously in the studio with few (if any) overdubs taking place.

In 1991 he released the final collaborative album to date with vocalist JON ANDERSON, the highly acclaimed “Page of Life”. These Esoteric Recordings releases have been newly re-mastered and sonically enhanced under the supervision and full approval of VANGELIS himself and are the definitive statement on key moments in the career of a true master of his art. The reissue of “Spiral” includes the rare bonus track “To the Unknown Man (II)” (previously unreleased on CD) and “Page of Life” includes the rare bonus track “Sing With Your Eyes”. 

All titles are released on Monday 25th November 2013 in Deluxe Digi-pack editions.