ChristopherCrossDFChristopher Cross, one of the most innovative songwriters of our generation, releases his first album of all new material for 12 years with Doctor Faith on 2nd May through earMusic – part of the international pop-rock label of Hamburg based entertainment group Edel. The album will be available in 2 formats – CD and CD+7” collectors Edition (signed), which features a 7” vinyl single.

This album feels not only like a new chapter to my career; it feels like starting a whole new book.”

Doctor Faith isn’t just a new album, for the Texas born and bred artist, it marks a big turning point:“It’s like starting a new book because it’s significantly different from a production stand point.” But it’s a familiar style lyrically. “With these new songs my writing partner, Rob Meurer and I, share our perspective with our listeners – searching for peace within ourselves and for peace in the world.”

Having finished the album, Christopher Cross looks forward to touring the world with his new band. “I never thought of retiring because fortunately I have been blessed with having some hits,” says Cross laughing. “Playing live is still a big part of my life and I really enjoy it.”

Cross dedicates the album to Joni Mitchell for a lifetime of inspiration.

2 I’m Too Old For This 9 Help Me Cry
3 When You Come Home 10 Still I Resist
4 Dreamers 11 Poor Man’s Ecstasy
5 November 12 Everything
6 Leave it To Me 13 Prayin”
7 Doctor Faith    

CD +7” Collectors Edition (Signed) also features:

7” Vinyl: Side A: Talkin’ ‘Bout Her Side B: It’s All With You

Both tracks are taken from Cross’ first ever recorded single from 1974 (only 100 copies pressed at that time)
and are not to be found anywhere

The album has a soft, yet powerful energy about it; from the gentle, down-to-earth lyrics to the intense and radiant musicianship, this is definitely an album to remember. With a new band, and special appearances from the likes of Michael McDonald, Eric Johnson and David Mann, Doctor Faith gleams with a resilience that has not been seen for ages. The swift harmonies intertwined with interesting instrumental choices like the glowing of selected horns, make this a must-hear! Cross comments on the title track“…there are some songs that call out for Michael McDonald’s voice, and, Doctor Faith, like Ride Like The Wind, (which features McDonald on backing vocals), was one of them.”

Cross is currently on the first leg of a world tour, sharing his brilliant and energetic music with people of all lands and all tongues. For more news, info and tour dates for Christopher Cross go to