CDBnowChris de Burgh releases a new album, Now and Then, on 21st April through Universal Music, which will be TV-advertised. Now and Then is the finest collection of de Burgh’s greatest hits and also features one brand new track “Live For the Day” featuring Tina Yamout, a young Lebanese singer. Chris met Tina in Beirut last year when he performed on Star Academy, the most popular pan-Arab talent show, on which Tina was a finalist. Chris will perform the track with Tina at this year’s Star Academy show on 4th April.

Now and Then – features classic tracks from his entire career. They include: the hit song “Don’t Pay The Ferryman”, his number one single “The Lady in Red”, which has sold more than 8 million copies worldwide; “Missing You”, “High On Emotion”, “When I Think Of You”, “The Words “I Love You””, “A Spaceman Came Travelling” and many more of his best-known songs.

Full Track Listing    
1 Don’t Pay The Ferryman 11 The Simple Truth
2 Missing You 12 Suddenly Love
3 The Lady In Red 13 Sailing Away
4 Live For The Day (with Tina Yamout) 14 Two Sides To Every Story (with Shelley Nelson)
5 When I Think Of You 15 There’s A New Star Up In Heaven Tonight
6 A Spaceman Came Travelling 16 This Waiting Heart
7 The Words “I Love You” 17 Borderline
8 Fatal Hesitation 18 The Snows Of New York
9 Much More Than This 19 Say Goodbye To It All
10 One World 20 High On Emotion

Born in Argentina, Chris has sold over 45 million albums worldwide, has more than 50 awards from around the world and has released 18 Studio albums to date. He has performed over 3000 live concerts since 1975. In 2007 Chris was made an ambassador for United Nations (more info on request). He supports Liverpool FC and lives in Ireland with his wife Diane, his 2 sons and daughter Rosanna Davison, who was crowned Miss World in 2003.