August 2016

2 SupaPass Imogen Heap Channel Multi-DevicesMusic streaming app SupaPass offers artists and labels a new model for monetising their music and social engagement online. The simple new model lets fans subscribe to a specific artist channel, from £1 per month, and the price is set by the artist. It re-establishes both the monetary and emotional link between artist and fan, lost on general streaming services.

Offering a new deal for music, SupaPass pays up to 100% net revenue share to repertoire owners. Fans know the money is not split between thousands of artists but instead goes specifically to that artist’s rights holders.

SupaPass is working with record labels, publishers and artists to create an ecosystem that works for all parties. It will also be integrating with merchandise and ticketing companies. It has signed licenses for thousands of artists, and is working with both independent and major labels.

The ad-free streaming platform, available as a free app download on both iOS and Android, brings together an artist’s streaming, social media and fan community.

SupaPass allows artists and labels total flexibility for managing the content they provide their fans: each artist channel features two or three areas – Stream, Buzz and VIP:
– Stream plays the audio tracks and video
– Buzz pulls in social media posts
– VIP is a home for an artist’s most loyal fans and can be customised with any content the artist wants to offer their VIP community

SupaPass has received international recognition for its innovative disruptive model, selected as the top UK Startup by Midemlab at international music industry event Midem, and the top European Startup at SXSW’s HATCH Pitch in the US.

It was founded by CEO Juliana Meyer, who had the idea for SupaPass from a real-world need when she was working as an award-winning artist running her own label.

SupaPass has a highly skilled and experienced team of 10, with offices in Norwich and London, plus a prestigious advisory board of leading industry experts, including Non-Executive Chairman Jeremy Silver, one of the world’s top thought leaders in music-tech, previously of MusicMetric, Sibelius, EMI, Virgin and now CEO of Digital Catapult. Michelle Emmerson is Senior Vice President, having held top senior roles at EMI, BBC Worldwide, ASOS and Walpole.