Thunder - Rough and ready

Thunder, who split nearly 2 years ago, will release a live CD, THUNDER – LIVE – ROUGH & READY on 1st March 2011The album will be released in a double gatefold 4 CD digipack and will be available exclusively online at and online now.

Thunder will also reunite for a one-off appearance at High Voltage Festival at Victoria Park, London on Sunday 24th July.

The 4 CD live release features Thunder recorded at 2 shows during the “The Magnificent Seventh” tour in 2005. It’s called Rough & Ready, to contrast the difference in audio quality between the two shows (one was recorded straight off the mixing desk, the other is a proper multi-track recording). Whilst the audio quality varies, the band’s performance does not…

Several songs from The Magnificent Seventh CD made their live debut on this tour, and two of them (Monkey See Monkey Do & The Gods Of Love) were seldom played afterwards, though listening to them on here, it’s hard to understand why!

This does not mean that Thunder are getting back together, and there are no plans to record or release any new material. Luke Morley and Chris Childs have stressed that whilst they’re both looking forward to playing a Thunder show, their commitment to The Union and the new album release (later this year) is undiminished. Harry James is about to go on tour with Magnum and other ex-Thunder band members’ Danny Bowes and Ben Matthews other activities will also remain unchanged.

Danny says: “I can’t lie, I’ve missed singing and being in the band more than I thought I would over the past couple of years, so when High Voltage called last week, I was keen to explore it. We’re still releasing the new Rough & Ready live album, but there’s no plan to do any other recording going forwards. It will be great to play again, and we’re really excited”.

Full Track Listing and details:

CD1 & 2 – Rough
Recorded live straight off the mixing desk at Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan on July 3rd 2005. Ben sprinkled some magic fairy dust reverb during mastering, but there are no overdubs, no mix tweaks, nothing. It’s a bootleg in all but name, that’s why the audience is so quiet.

CD3 & 4 – Ready
Recorded using the Thunder Mobile at Shepherds Bush Empire, London UK on March 10th 2005. Mixed & mastered by Ben at Chez Bez Studios, London. Once again there are no overdubs, no fix ups etc.

CD1 – Rough    
1 Loser 6 You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
2 Amy’s On The Run 7 Don’t Wait For Me
3 Higher Ground 8 The Gods Of Love
4 I’m Dreaming Again 9 River Of Pain
5 Monkey See Monkey Do    
CD2 – Rough    
1 Until My Dying Day 5 Low Life In High Places
2 Fade Into The Sun 6 Dirty Love
3 I Love You More Than Rock’n’Roll 7 A Better Man
4 She’s So Fine 8 Pinball Wizard
CD3 – Ready    
1 Loser 6 You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down
2 Amy’s On The Run 7 Don’t Wait For Me
3 Higher Ground 8 The Gods Of Love
4 I’m Dreaming Again 9 Stand Up
5 Monkey See Monkey Do    
CD4 – Ready    
1 Love Walked In 4 Backstreet Symphony
2 Fade Into the Sun 5 A Better Man
3 I Love You More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll 6 Dirty Love

Luke says: “I thoroughly enjoyed playing at the inaugural High Voltage last year with The Union, so I’m really looking forward to getting together with the rest of the boys for a one-off reunion (no pun intended).  Fortunately it fitted in nicely with everything else we’re doing so in the end it was difficult to say no. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun”.

Thunder formed in 1989, releasing their debut album Backstreet Symphony in 1990, which went Gold, as did their follow-up Laughing on Judgement Day, which peaked at number 2 in the UK album charts. Their legendary appearance in 1990 at Monsters of Rock at Donington cemented their place in the hearts of British rock fans. They split up twenty years later, after twenty top-50 singles, 9 studio albums and a 2-year hiatus.

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